Unsustainable Chemical use rips our vegetation the potentials to produce Mushrooms


Food Poisoning occasioned by the arbitrary use of chemical components to preserve food is on the increase.

Whole Planet Initiative at the Safe Online Training on how to use internet responsibly and be guarded against fraud

We collaborate with other organizations in development agenda

Mother Earth Defenders

REFORESTATION: We bring seedlings close to the people. No excuse for no access.

Teach them, they will change the world with it. Drip irrigation training session with the secondary school

Explaining the concept of environment as it affects the aquatic lives in the language the school understand

Empowering them with good environmental management skill is securing their future.

Advocating environmental management and sustainability with school children.

Ogunpa Forest is a national treasure housing a good number of ornamental, medicinal, and economic trees. Let us unanimously tell the government to conserve and protect it.

We lead by example

Modeling sanitation for the lakeside community

Climate Change, Our Invited Guest.

We can bring back the hand of time and restore our planet. It is our collective responsibility. Play your part

Let us stand and demand for environmental protection. There is no PLANET B.

Training Session with the ISI students

Training Session with the ISI students

A tour on the Eleyele Lake to examine the state of the water body

Plastic is a Bane to Our Environment, Use Sustainably

Climate action is crucial to mitigate climate change challenges. We are poised to getting everyone informed and empowered

Presentation of Waste Bin to the Lakeside community at Eleyele, Ibadan

Advocacy and climate empowerment visit to Oja'ba, Ibadan on effective waste management.

Ocean Live Matters: A stakeholders forum with the Eleyele lakeside community on the importance of water bodies and sustainable management.

No Menstrual Poverty: an advocacy and empowerment program with the St Louis Grammar School, Mokola, Ibadan.

Whole Planet Initiative received a group of researchers from the University of Ibadan. We deliberated on the issues of waste management and effective sanitation necessary to keep the people Cholera, Typhoid and other related diseases.

Humans promote green for their own good.

What humans give to the environment, the environment gives back in due time. Unfortunately, the implications hut humans than the environment.

We took the ideals of YALI to the International School of Ibadan.

Delivering a lecture on Nigeria Laws, Policies and Regulations for Environmental Protection

The sewage and other toxic waste being release to the water body is a dead trap for aquatic lives. The implication of which humans bear the brunt as they consume contaminated seafoods .

Presentation of Certificate of Participation to the SDGs Graduands at Oyo State NYSC Orientation Camp, Iseyin.

Interactive Session with the participant at the Conference of Youth on Climate Change organized by the Sustainable Development Solution Network, Nigeria.

Bitter Kola is an ancient curative plant with multipurpose benefits. It is fast going into extinction due to overlogging, urbanisation, environmental degradation and absolute disregard for its sustainability. At Whole Planet Initiative, We are committed to is reforestation and sustainability.

Alhaji Busairi at Feranjesu area of Ibadan impressed by our community service and sustainability engagement. He consequently introduced our project to other community members to achieve an environmentally fitting community

We take the seedlings to our clients, plant it for them and train them how to manage it after

SDGs Training Session with Corp Members at the Orientation Camp before allocating them to communities for service

Knowledge impartation session with Clay Fellows

Training Ifesowapo Farmers' Association on how to plant and irrigate their plant conveniently

Distance is never a barrier to initiate sustainable actions. We deliver nationwide to green champions

We bring people close to the environment, we take the environment close the people.

We impact knowledge with all possible teaching aids.

This was how several of us got out lunch back then. If our fathers who lived at a good time of the planet Earth could understand the importance of trees, what is now our excuse not to have more than enough trees around us.

This new generation must be tutored, trained and led in the way of conservation and sustainability.

Ornamental and fruit trees do beautify houses and can also serve as wind breakers. We do supply to interested persons and also provide a follow up.

I am enthusiastic advocating climate change and its implications on man, animals and the environment.

Enlightening a group of farmers on the importance of biodiversity and conservation

Sustainable Development is human centered. Consequently, humans are needed to make it happen. This we do by a way of advocacy to stakeholders at all given opportunities

Distribution of reusable sanitary wears for St Louis Secondary School Students.

CATCH THEM YOUNG, a program design to orientate and empower the new generation on the need for sustainable use of resources, environmental management and the importance of food production to lives and sustainable development

We dish out climate change empowerment and do a follow up.

Distribution of hybrid fruit seedlings to farmers at Idere community in Ibarapa area of Oyo State

Training the Students on Drip Irrigation to Sustain their Crops in Dry Season

Training Clay Fellows on Sustainable Development as the embark on their mission of impacting lives.

Town Hall meeting held by RUSISD, CSOs and key stakeholders in education and health sector of Oyo State on the state of secondary school and primary health care in the state.

International Women Communication Center holds stakeholders forum meeting on the effects of climate change and floods in communities particularly on the women and children

Women and children are disproportionately affected by climate change. Climate justice begins with priotizing their socioeconomic and health needs

One of the ways by which I contribute to food security. Behold, my lushing vegetable garden featuring: Eweedu, Efo Tete, and Efo Soko.

Ecological education with Idere Secondary School Students in Ibarapa Area of Oyo State Nigeria


Community Mobilisation for Social Infrastructural Management and Accountability

With RUSISD at Okeho, Oyo State Nigeria.

Community Mobilisation for Social and Educational Infrastructural Management

With RUSISD at Odo-oba, Oyo State Nigeria.

Word on the marble


Welcome To WholePlanet Initiative

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