My One Cent for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu

My One Cent for President Bola Ahmed Tinubu

Your Excellency Sir.

Hyperinflation is a Death Sentence on the Masses.

I bring you greetings from Whole Planet Initiative, Nigeria. I have always known you as a man of wisdom, vigour and excellence in service. Going through your biography, I realized that you have conquered many wars and overcame even the wildest tribulations. These your antecedents made me to believe so much in you when you were vying for the highest political office of our dear nation.

Your excellency sir, the recent development in the social, economic and security apparatus of our dear nation is grossly undermining your past achievement and is putting arches on your supporters. In fact, many are renouncing their folowership by the fact of the ugly occurrences.

Sir, as the grand commander of the federal republic, you owe the power of life and death of all your subjects. This instrument we unanimously gave you to manage our nation Nigeria and sail the ship to a safer harbor. We hoped that you'd give Nigerians a higher sense of relief and also reclaim the enviable position of Nigeria in the league of nations.

Your excellency sir, the ongoing ugly trend is lending credence to an idea that you are not in charge of the country. The record of the last 8 months of your leadership is quiet antithesis to your previous records of greatness.

To say the least, it is like your government is executing a preconceived war agenda on the masses and the death toll is becoming countless day after day as you clearly maintain an observer status. If you are in the know of this agenda, I want you to know that there's no a rich man without a poor man. The coexistence of both group amplifies the existence of the formal. 

If that is not your agenda, I strongly recommend that you set up a well equipped Price Control Board to take charge of the commodity market while you seek a lasting solution to the lingering economic challenges facing the nation.

I summit!

Adebukola Margaret A.